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Middle School Dances


Supervision/ Security is provided by New Milford Police and Youth Agency staff

Student ID required !!! No Exceptions!! If you do not have a Id you will not be allowed into the event!

The Maxx is not liable for any personal items lost or stolen at any event or rental.

Dances are only for the grade advertised! Any child not in said grade will be asked to step aside and a parent/guardian will be called to come pick them up. Times: 6:30-9pm. Admission: $9.00 Parents are asked to watch their child enter/leave the building to maintain constant supervision. The Children will not be released until 9pm or unless a parent/guardian arranges to pick them up earlier prior to dance ending. The Maxx has a zero tolerance policy! Any incidents will be referred to the police officer on duty. The Maxx itself consists of many things for children to do from pool tables, air hockey and arcade games to big screen TVs and music. The Maxx provides a fun safe atmosphere for kids.


Food & Beverage

The Maxx also has a full service kitchen with prices ranging from a $2.00-$4.50. Some of the food consists of fresh hamburgers, Chicken Tenders, Fried Dough and French Fries. We also have a juice bar that sells $1.00 Coke, Dr. pepper, Cherry Coke , Orange, Mountain Dew, Sierra mist and Powerade. Some of the $1.50 specialty drinks consist of Shirley Temples (Sprite and Grenadine), Sober sunrise (orange and Grenadine) & Bajwa Blast ( Powerade & Mt Dew). Our $1.25-$2.50 Bottled drinks consist of Snapple, Gatorade, Arizona, IZZE Natural Fruit Drink, and Water.