About Us




History and Environment

The Maxx Club is an entertainment facility owned by the town of New Milford, CT and operated by The Youth Agency. The Youth Agency was established in 1977 to develop programs and services with a positive attitude, working experience and a sense of comittment, pride and belonging for the youth of the New Milford community. The Youth Agency advocates for youth through diverse programs such as Student Advisory Board, Youth Leadership, and alternatives to violence programs. The agency also pro-actively participates in local prevention programs and social services councils.

Productions and Entertainment

Currently The Maxx is hosting music events that range from Rock, Punk, Ska, Metal, PoP-Punk, Emo (and more) shows. Music shows at The Maxx consist of several of the best local bands as well as some great regional touring artists. The Maxx is also responsible for frequent comedy nights where new comedians present their latest act, as well as catering for parties. At shows of any type we have a full food service available. What you can get when visiting The Maxx includes…

Sodas, Water, Fruit Drinks, Nachos, Barbecue Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and plenty more!

The Maxx Equipment

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